Falling in Love at Zorpia


When people connect friendships develop and become meaningful overtime. Zorpia is a people meeting network and we’re happy when clients looking to make new friends actually find love.. And because of this, we receive hundreds of testimonials from people who met and fell in love at Zorpia.

Take the case of Jimmy Adam -

“Hello team Zorpia, Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity given to me here to look for that special someone! I am now a happy man and you guys are amazing! Wish i can stay longer here but i really have to leave! She does not want me to remain. Thank you all and all the best for the rest still searching for their love ones.”

A sentiment echoed by Gracie when she says -

“Thank you zorpia, I found my true love, you helped me find the man of my life…more power god bless.”

Something dewaynehatzog also shares -

“Chelsea and I found each other here and have hit it off. After some skypes and e-mails we are now a couple. Thank you Zorpia!”

and Diana Rachiu -

“Dear Zorpian team, I met Daren Morgan through Zorpia. we exchanged our email address and have since been in touch. And i have decided to go off Zorpia so as to concentrate on this relationship and see how far it will take us. Thanks to the Zorpian team.”

While we’re sorry to see people go, we’re happy to see people leave for the right reasons. User feedback is important to us especially when we receive testimonials of how we played a part in connecting two people who found happiness together. It tells us we must be doing something right. Because of this we are committed to make Zorpia a safe, unique and wonderful environment for meeting new friends.

Share your story. Shoot us an email. We’d be happy to hear from you. While you’re at it, have fun!

Gloria Magtrayo
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Gloria Magtrayo

Gloria is Zorpia’s resident copywriter. If you can’t find her reading, she’s almost certainly enjoying coffee with friends. She believes that you can’t take the human element out of a transaction, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the relationships we build and keep. Among other things, she likes to collect cat pictures, read harry potter and play guitar.
Gloria Magtrayo
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