There are days when you’ve convinced yourself that you’re all right. And then, you suddenly find yourself listening to sad songs all over again. You’ve listen enough that all of your memories together crawls back into your mind. It is some kind of torture, but, you just can’t stop thinking about it. The relationship was definitely over. You were over him. But there are days when you found yourself being morose again over what had happened. Should you have laughed more? Should you have kissed him more? You might probably find yourself wondering over these things. It is inevitable. You just can’t help it, really. But, there is one thing which you should always remember–it was over and you should never get back with your ex ever again, no matter what. The reason is infinite, but here’s some:

1. You’ve fight enough for the relationship, but did he?


Remember when you are crying late at night. And you can’t figure out if you are going to call him and talk to him about what had happened or just wait for him to realized that it shouldn’t end up like that. And, still, you’ve waited for him. Maybe, he would come and knock on your door. But it seems like you are the only one wanting to fix the relationship. You are more than willing to forget what had happened and start over again. But you are the only one fighting. You are tired and hurtful, and just like that, he left you.

2. You almost forgot that you’re worth more than anything.


You might tried chasing him because at some point, you’ve probably think that he matters more than your ego. You’ve probably killed all your ego just to have him again. Little did you realize that you are worthy, too. You keep on chasing a man who didn’t even realized your worth. You deserve better. You deserve someone who wouldn’t make you feel that you are so hard to love. You deserve to be loved without the need to ask. Nobody should ask for love to begin with.

3. He left you, let him go.


You might be wondering what your life would be like, now that he is out of your life. He’s been with you for so long and it might seem so frightening to be alone. He used to be your partner in life in almost everything. But now, he is gone. He’s just a mere stranger in your life. But the thing is, you will be okay. Remember that you are doing just fine exactly just the way you are before he came into your life. Have the courage to let him go if he wants to.

4. Being alone is the best time to focus on who you are and what you really want to be.

Now that you are alone, try to focus on things that really matter to you. Do and try the things which you’ve been planning to do. Focus on improving yourself. You are capable of doing extraordinary things indeed. Pursue your goal as an individual. Above all, do all these things for yourself. Keep doing you.

5. There’s someone better for you.


It is quite likely that you might want to consider getting back with him. Some people might want to stick with something that is too familiar. No one is blaming you particularly if you’ve already plan your future with him. If you are wondering if you’ll ever find someone who will love you more than your ex, remember that there is. Never be afraid to take chances and meet people. You’ll meet the one that is for you, soon. It will take some time and a lot of courage to take risk. But finding that one that is just right for you will always be worth it.

Breakup hurts more than you could have ever imagine. Cry out because you have all the right to. Let all the pain and toxic things in your heart go. Having your heart on your sleeve didn’t make you weak. Things happened. Life is difficult. Falling in love is easy, staying with someone is hard. Relationship needs two people who are willing to make the struggle easy and worth it. You just have to find the right person, he/she is just out there.

No Comments Published: October 1st, 2016

Everything is fine between the two of you. You  were just trying to get by. But then, without a warning, without you even realizing it, you feel some kind of connection. You were just doing fine—talking about almost everything, laughing together at pretty much everything and staying at each other’s side during difficult times. And all at once, you feel something inside of you that you haven’t felt before. You are not a lover, but you are more than friends. You are in between this ambiguity of what is really going on. Here are some of the struggles of being in an almost relationship.

1. You only have ‘Maybe.’


You want to keep her, to protect her and care for her. You are more than willing to do everything for her; but you are not even sure if you even have the slightest right to do so. So, you will just stay at her side. There are also times when you see her with someone else and you started to feel some kind of weird feeling inside. You were jealous. But, you can’t even figure out any valid reason why you’re jealous, when you shouldn’t be to begin with. She is your girl, but she is not your girl, but she is your girl. Either way, you stay because leaving her could be more painful. Maybe, it is okay to stay, or maybe it is not. Sometimes it can be tiring to figure things out.

2. You keep on holding on to the idea that you’ll be together someday.


Beside her could be the only place you wished to stay forever and always. But you’ll never know where you stand. Yet, you stay. You were hoping that maybe, just maybe, things will turned out the way it should be.

3. You are afraid to fall in love but you did anyway.


Falling in love with someone is a thing anyone can’t avoid no matter what. But staying in love with someone is completely a choice. You never knew your chances. You take a leap of faith. You open your heart. And you did fall and stay with her anyway, as long as you can.

4.    You didn’t want to say goodbye, but you have to.


You never knew exactly who you are in her life. You were waiting for an assurance that she was in love with you as you were to her. You’ve waited long enough until you’ve decided to be on your own because you have no other option. You were a kind of person who needed a lot of courage to walk away from someone you love. You knew that giving up would be the last thing on your mind. But, you have to. After all, you’ve fight enough, and maybe, the only way to really know if she’s yours is to let her go.

5. You can get heartbroken by someone you never have.


What you had is real. All your heartaches and all your pain is real. There are times when you can’t admit it to yourself. Your relationship with her doesn’t need to be official to validate all your feelings. You did fall hard, you knew it. It is not some kind of for-the-mean-time relationship. You’d always wish this almost love to be more than that. Maybe the time isn’t right for the two of you. Maybe love was there, but you had different dreams and plans and it didn’t meet halfway. You knew you would compromise for her and endure all the struggle as long as you are with her. But at the same time, you deserve someone better. Someone who will fight for you as much as you do. As cliché as probably as it could be, she turned out to be the best thing you never had. And you will always be the best thing she never had.

There are infinite reasons why you happened to be an almost lover. But whatever it is, maybe, the universe is just telling you that she’s not the one. And, there is someone out there that is just right for you. Having an almost relationship is as chaotic as it could be. But, the truth is, there will always be a struggle. You just have to chose someone you want to struggle with. You deserve someone who will stay with you and choose you no matter what. Along the way, you might meet another  ‘maybe’, perhaps, another ‘almost’ love. But after all, no matter how long will it takes, you will find the one. And when you find her, you will simply feel it with all your heart, that finally, she’s the one.

No Comments Published: September 24th, 2016