So, you hit it off really well online and agreed to meet up soon. Now, you’re not sure what to wear on your first date and nervous about how you’re going to outshine your gorgeous profile pic when he finally sees you in the flesh. Breathe easy as it’s not as hard as you think. Just keep in mind these style tips and you’ll do just fine:

  1. Be sure to know where your date is gonna be. A picnic by the lake would make you want to wear something comfy but lovely at the same time to match the scenic setting. A fine-dining restaurant requires wearing something elegant like your ever-reliable LBD.

  1. Check out the weather to know if you should bring a cardigan or boots in case of a heavy downpour. Windy outside? Forget about that flowy chiffon dress you love unless you’re aiming for a Marilyn Monroe blown skirt moment.

  1. Avoid overdressing or underdressing. Try the ‘effortlessly gorgeous’ route by putting on something simple but highlights your best features. Go pastel or dark depending on what flatters your figure or what brings out the beauty of your skin or eye color. Use accessories that complement your outfit. Use makeup to enhance your face not look like someone else. And pls, no ‘trying hard to look vampy’ on your first date as this could send some bad signals to your date.

  1. Don’t forget the details. Nip those loose threads at the hem, make sure those bra straps don’t show, and remember that seamless undies make you look more polished.

  1. Flaunt your assets elegantly. Got lovely locks? Then let them down instead of doing the usual French twist updo. Proud of your toned arms? Opt for a sleeveless top but be careful not to show too much skin.

  1. Pick clean and classic lines but don’t be afraid to show forth your personality. A free spirit? Go ahead and rock that boho skirt that’s so you! Perky and bubbly? Feel free to add a pop of vibrant color to your outfit. A combo of bolds and neutrals can show off a decent yet interesting persona that has the power to charm!

  1. Comfort before style can help you really enjoy your date. So that if he turns out to be the type who loves long walks by the bay, you won’t have to endure the pain while pretending to be feeling fine in your sexy, 6-inch stilettos.

This may sound cliche but, the best outfit and makeup are a nice personality and a sweet smile. So, wear them as you look well-put together and enjoy that first date!

Comments? Share it with us! We’d be happy to hear from you. While you’re at it, have fun! 

No Comments Published: May 8th, 2016

Beyond the shamrock luck, kilt-wearing men, St. Patrick’s day merrymaking and Bono, here are some other interesting things about the Irish people and why you should consider them in choosing your next date:

  1. Their ginger charm shines through and a few minutes into your date, you’ll realize that those freckles are actually cute!

  1. You won’t get bored and there’s almost zero dead air during your date, thanks to their gift of gab. And most are good listeners too.

  1. They love to laugh and their sense of humor lightens any mood.

  1. They have a lot to share in terms of their country’s rich heritage, pop culture, love for dancing, good food, and a lot more.

  1. They are generous with compliments but in a subtle, sincere way.

  1. Gentlemanly and ladylike ways are still very much alive in them.

  1. Their rustic accent adds to their charm, making you imagine a sweet life with them in a lovely cottage home in the country.

  1. They are close to their families and have the potential to be good at raising their own families.


(You might be overwhelmed by their family so be wary of it!)

  1. Their cool and casual demeanor may lack the flamboyance and sophistication of other Europeans but it makes you feel at ease with them instantly.

  1. You will learn how to de-stress in their company as you  enjoy your ales in a typical Irish pub complete with its friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drinks, Irish sports and traditional music playing in the background!

So go ahead and consider dating one of them. It’s fun to experience other cultures and know someone new from halfway around the world who looks great in green, or a man who can rock a skirt on formal occasions and still look good!

No Comments Published: May 4th, 2016