Living a single life is actually good to you. Aside from living the life the way you wanted it to be; it also allows you to devote your time on self-discovery. Perhaps, you should’ve started to figure out  what you really want in a relationship, and, what doesn’t work anymore to you.

It turns out, living the single life is not only good to satisfy your “secret single behaviour,” but, it also have good psychological benefits. University of California social psychologist Bella DePaulo, who is also the author of Single Out, conducted variety of studies on single and married couple. As a scope in Business Insider, she listed these:

1. Singles are more likely to be self-reliant.


Compared to those in a relationship, singles are more likely to be self-reliant and self-motivated. No need to find a cheerleader. The singles tend to do and accomplished things on their own. DePaulo said that, being self-sufficient triggers happier emotions. Similarly, married couple were less likely to experience negative emotions if they are self-reliant.

2. Singles set more goals for themselves.

The singles are able to set more goals for themselves compared to married couples. They can also have more time for personal development and growth as they tend to devote more of their time on self-discovery.

3. Singles tend to have better relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Singles build a deeper connection with people around them. According to DePaulo, “when people marry, they become more insular.”

Living the single life is always a choice. Being on your own, at this moment, is not necessarily bad. So to those singles out there, keep doing you. But, to give you some takeaway idea, DePaulo said, “more than ever, Americans can pursue the ways of living that work best for them. There is no blueprint for the good life.”

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Thanks again, Science.

There is actually a drill on that. Let’s make it easy with a little help from science. Here are science-backed ways to get someone fall in love with you.

1. Keep it warm.

A study conducted by Yale Psychologist, John Bargh, revealed an underlying connection between body temperature and personality. He confirmed that we tend to behave more warmly towards others when we feel warm physically. So, next time you are planning to go out for a date, make sure to go in warm places and and foods. Ask him or her to have a coffee, you’ll never know, this might help heat things up later between the two of you.

2.  Make a sweet smile.

Attracting someone is as easy as smiling. According to a 2014 study about happiness and attractiveness, the attractiveness of a person increased depending on how intense of a smile they had. Just keep on smiling, he or she might can’t help fall in love with that smile.

3. Listen closely.

This may seem easy, but it has a great impact in every relationship whether it’s the beginning, honeymoon phase, or when conflict arise. A 2010 study revealed that, those who were able to discuss issues calmly and listen to their partner when having an argument were less likely to separate compare to couples who didn’t listen enough to their partner. Also, another study by M. Gary Neuman, said that listening plays a major role to make someone fall in love with you as we have a need to be heard.

We’ve got you covered, stay with us for more updates to help you in finding your great love. But for now, join us on Zorpia!

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