Breaking up is one of the very difficult situation you can find yourself into. But, just because you’re vulnerable and fragile doesn’t mean you are allowed to do things without hardly thinking about it. What you’re feeling right now might be too painful than you ever possibly imagine it could be. When you feel like you needed to win him back, remember why it didn’t work out. These are things you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Call him every time you think of him.


You can’t get him off of your mind. It’s acceptable. You’re probably figuring out how someone who had told you that he’ll never get tired of loving you, left you, just like that. But don’t call him just because you think of him. Don’t ever call him just because you missed every moment when you were together. Just don’t. Things had changed.

2. Share all your emotions on social media just because.


Stop sharing another heart-wrenching post of Berlin ArtParasites even it speaks well of your tormented heart. You might just want to release all the pain you have inside, but posting it all on social media is never clever. It makes you look like you haven’t moved on yet. Remember you are stronger than you think you are.

3. Stalk him in social media.


Stalking him in social media is far worse than sharing all your emotions on Twitter. You might be wondering what he’s up to, but stalking him will never do you any good. It might also bring memories you’ve tried hard to forget. Focus on improving yourself and getting better instead.

4. Try to be friends right away.


If you are looking for ways to connect with him, again, just stop, particularly if you are not that over with him. You don’t want to put yourself into a situation that will only hurt you, again. Are you sure you are ready to see him being sweet with another girl? Be true to yourself.

5. Jump into another relationship.


Give yourself time to heal from pain. Jumping into another relationship to get past with your painful breakup will never be a good idea. You might feel the love and excitement but it might soon fail, too. Also, you are not getting into a relationship just to fill the void, because whatever you do, you’ll never fill that void.

It might seem impossible to ever love again after the pain you’ve been through. But never be afraid to take chances again when you’re ready. Meet new people. Soon enough, you’ll find the one destined for you; and, it will all make sense why your previous relationship didn’t workout.

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So you’ve talked with this guy for a while now. And, you found yourself wondering. You guys seems to be comfortable talking for hours and it’s getting a little bit confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if he’s just being nice, polite and all. But, maybe, just maybe, he’s also interested and got hooked. These are telltale signs to know if he’s into you.

1. He makes time for you.

Despite having a busy life and heavy workload, if a guy is into you, he makes time for you. Whether it’s just a quick message each time before having lunch or a short call after his work; he’s probably making his best to maintain regular contact with you. There’s a difference between someone who speaks to you on their free time and someone who frees their time to talk to you.

2. He asks about your day.


A guy that’s really into you never missed a day without asking how’s it going. He’s constantly interested in your everyday life even if it seems nothing but ordinary to you. He listens genuinely to you. And even wish you good luck, each time you could really use a simple tap on a back, without you needing to ask.

3. He keeps the conversation going.


It’s probably 2 in the morning, yet, he seems to keep those humor coming just to talk to you for at least few minutes more. He never failed to make you laugh, probably a little harder each time. But he gets serious, too, when things needed to be. He also keeps asking tons of question, always.

4. He remembers every little detail about you.


He pays attention to each little thing you’ve mentioned to him, from the music you keep on playing late at night to the film you keep on watching, and how you’ve cried as much each time. He’s really into you when he’s interested to learn every aspect of your life and remember everything about it. He’ll probably forget about the dates but he remembers every little thing that makes you who you are.

5. He takes interest in your interests.


He’ll probably not insist you to like Star Wars if you don’t. But you know he’s into you, if he wants to do the things you like, even if it’s not quite appealing to him. You know it’s something real if he’s finding ways to see you smile and be part of the things you love.

Have you noticed any of these?

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