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You like me, and I like you too! Zorpia streamlines ‘like’ experience

One month ago we launched the new profile on Zorpia. Today we’re happy to bring you our next major upgrade! Zorpia will gradually roll out the new ‘Interested In Me’, ‘I Am Interested In’ and ‘Mutual Interests’ tabs to all users.

The focal point of this upgrade is the ‘Like’ feature. ‘Like’ is a notable feature on Zorpia which you can initiate communication and express your interest in someone. When two users send each other ‘Likes’, a match will be made. It is an awesome way of saying hi to someone new and also the quickest way of grabbing his/her attention.

We have simplified the user experience and consolidated the interactions on three different tabs to allow you to see who like you, who you like, and who you share mutual attraction with.

The new tabs can be found in the navigation menu on the left hand side of Zorpia.

New Zorpia Tabs for Mutual Attractions
Zorpia Interested in Me Preview

Interested In Me (People Who Like Me)

It lists everybody that has liked you, no matter which feature they initiated the like from, may it be the new profile, search results, Match Up or Get Friending. We have also improved the interface with more prominent Message and Like buttons.

When you like someone on this page, he/she will be moved to the ‘Mutual Attraction’ page.

Mutual Attraction

One of the more noticeable visual changes is the revamp of ‘Mutual Attraction’ tab.
When you like someone and he/she likes you back, it’s a mutual attraction. Unlike before, where you could only find mutual matches in Match Up, this new page shows the mutual matches you made across all features on Zorpia. Start messaging people on this page now, you know you like them and they like you too!

I Am Interested In (People I Like)

This feature, then only available in Match Up as well, is extended to cover all the likes you have initiated regardless of which feature you clicked like on. It serves as a record of people you are interested in. You may either wait for them to like you back, or if you want to try harder, message them to get their attention!

Zorpia I am interested page preview

Our goal is to bring clarity to the entire user experience on Zorpia. With these three new tabs, we hope it will be easier for you to break the ice and meet more people with assurance that those people are already interested.

Log on Zorpia and check out who are waiting for your messages!

Gloria Magtrayo
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Gloria Magtrayo

Gloria is Zorpia’s resident copywriter. If you can’t find her reading, she’s almost certainly enjoying coffee with friends. She believes that you can’t take the human element out of a transaction, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the relationships we build and keep. Among other things, she likes to collect cat pictures, read harry potter and play guitar.
Gloria Magtrayo
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