4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

You’re reading this because for one reason or another you haven’t really met someone. And let’s face it, it’s kinda lonely getting generic promotional emails. If you want to be successful in your online dating endeavors, you need to put up a respectable online profile.

Zorpia discovered that online user behavior indicates a strong preference for visuals and users chose according to the quality of the profile picture. So ladies and gents, if your inbox hasn’t been ringing for a while, it’s high time to do some serious online first aid to your dating profile.

A profile is like a resume

Joining a dating site is to declare your availability. It’s like looking for a job. If you apply for a job, you give the employer a resume. The employer judges you by what he sees on the document and decides whether or not you’re fit to be interviewed. A dating profile is just like that. It’s our marketing tool in the virtual world.

1. Do not post inappropriate photos

Portraits are fine but wild and inappropriate shoots scream drama. We join a dating network because we want to connect with interesting people. While the definition of interesting may vary for some people, it’s always safe to stay within the traditional boundaries of the dictionary. Always remember that behaving properly is a given; nevertheless, some people think misbehaving and acting ridiculously out of line is cool. Mind you, if you’re 16 and posting pics of you and your mates in the middle of a rave party in pink underwear, people will understand. Some may even find it crazy. But somebody claiming to be 33 and working a 9 to 5 job is a red flag. It screams immature narcissism.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

2. Do not post obviously cropped pictures of you having intimate fun with someone

This is self explanatory. But you wouldn’t believe the number of times we get to see cropped profile pictures of people together with someone in a “too friendly” gesture of camaraderie. Unless, you intend to spite someone, it’s best not to use these kinds of photographs. You are advertising the way how you treat potential mates if things don’t work out.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

DO – Post a proper profile picture. – Your profile picture is your online persona. Human beings are visual animals and base their judgments on the quality of what they see. Try to avoid pictures that do not emphasize your face, photos in ambivalent situations and inappropriate photos. This will seriously harm your chances of finding serious and quality friends.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

3. Do not leave your profile with not enough personal details to go by

While a smashing profile picture normally does the trick, not providing information about yourself can leave a lot of people wondering what exactly it is you’re looking for. While hits and misses may be a part of life, having a lot of it is carelessness.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

DO – Provide significant information about yourself. The kind that will help others make up their minds whether or not to contact you. The more details, the better. Prospective friends will be able to judge by what you declare on your profile. It’s fine if you don’t want to fill out all the blank spaces, but do leave enough info to show what exactly it is you’re looking for.

And while you’re at it, verify your account. Nobody likes to find out that the smart blonde their chatting with turns out to be a moustached cowboy. Establishing your identity online can improve the quality of your contacts. When people know that you’re a real person and not some dubious account set up to scam others, people will be more inclined to contact you. If you can afford it, choose a paid membership over free subscription.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

4. Do not date out of your league

We all have our ideal version of true love and that’s ok. But if you’re 60 and looking to date someone in her teens, you’ve got some serious issues going on. Aside from the age gap, you have to deal with a lot of inter-generational issues like friends, your views of money and what’s going to keep you going as a couple. This will involve a lot of serious compromise and adjustments.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

DO – Date within your age range. There is nothing wrong with trying to befriend those within your age range. Your chances of hitting it off will be higher since both of you will have a lot of things in common and your energy level may likely complement.

4 Quick Tips on Internet Dating

If nobody has been returning your messages, assess your profile, rinse and repeat. Pull out your check list and see if you’ve committed mistake numbers 1 to 4. The list is not exclusive. If you answered yes to all 4, you might consider doing some serious profile rehauling. That inbox won’t fill itself magically on its own.

Whatever happens, don’t give up. As long as you’re putting in the effort, finding the right person is inevitable to happen

When you’ve got a message on your Zorpia inbox…

Congratulations! You’ve finally found someone to connect. Put your best foot forward and enjoy the ride.

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Zorpia The People Meeting Network

While good fences make good neighbors, the US and Canada may have more than enough exchanges to contribute to each other’s development. Canadians are nice. But is it enough to explain America’s fondness for its neighbor to the north?

Mining through patterns of interactions among 31 million members, Zorpia, discovered that Canada receives the most number of cross country messages from the United States.

A long standing pattern

Zorpia - USA Loves Canada

Figure 1. USA cross country traffic to Canada

The US loves to connect with English speaking countries like Canada who receives 20% of all US cross country messages. Australia and the United Kingdom come at 2nd and 3rd place respectively . While Canada, Australia and the US share a common heritage, being former colonies of England, Gallup reported in 2012 that 96% of Americans held a favorable view of Canada, the highest for any country in more than 20 years.

Fast forward into the era of social networking, the US and Canada continue this amiable relationship of sharing and interconnecting by being 2 of the world’s most connected countries. If the US sends a majority of its cross country messages to Canada, Canada reciprocates this attention with equal enthusiasm. Zorpia stats reveal that the majority of Canada’s cross country messages in Zorpia is also directed towards the US.

Zorpia - Canada Loves USA

Figure 2. Canada reciprocates the US cross country attention

Shared ties: Language, Entertainment and Trade

The absence of the language barrier has made it easy for artists like Justin Bieber to enjoy commercial success in the US. Paul Anka, Celine Dion and David Foster to mention a few, are just one of the many successful Canadians acts who have crossed over to the US. Successful movie actors include Pamela Anderson Lee, Baywatch babe, Hayden Christensen, of the popular Star Wars series and Leslie Nielsen, popular comedian have also invaded Hollywood and delivered their brand of Canadian quirkiness that Americans eventually came to love.

Both countries also share a passion for hockey, a very physical sport played on ice. Whereas hockey ranked 6th as America’s favorite sport, it is considered Canada’s national obsession. Their recent encounter during the winter Olympics had famous personalities expressing support for their respective camp.

In 2013 alone, Canada was the US largest export market as well as the US’s 2nd largest supplier of goods imports.


While relationships between neighbors can be touchy, there is nothing touchy about Canada’s relationship with the US. Common interests and shared ties ensure good times and opportunities that both countries can look forward to and build upon.

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