Spending too much time at work can be stressing for others. However, there are also people who never see it that way. Working late at night or even staying at the office is what keeps them going. Despite of intolerable working conditions, accomplishing a challenging role or task out of hard work, in fact, is likely a driven goal for workaholic for  each passing day. They simply defy limits because they can. These are one of the few  things you need to know about workaholic.

  1. There is no such thing as too much working.  


It must be 5 pm and everyone is rushing to go home, or  having plans later that night. But you need to know that a workaholic won’t even bother if it’s 5 or past the hour that meant another overtime at work. For all they know, it is much stressful to left early without all their work done. They simply needed to finish everything first.

  1. They consider their work as their happiness.


People might suggest to go after what makes them happy and stop being so perplexed at work. But for workaholics, work isn’t their last option, rather, it is a choice they keep on investing.  Working hard is their source of happiness—knowing  that they conquer another project despite of all the difficulty.  It is a happiness, only they can get out of striving harder each time.

  1. They don’t feel like missing out on other things.


Workaholic always find a way to manage everything. They are keen at prioritizing things and doing what is much needed at that time. They get anything else done in between work or during weekends. Devoting their time mostly at work doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting the date with their loved one. They just know how to manage their time so well.

  1. They like to keep their mind occupied and challenged.


Hardworking people like to engage their mind with a challenge. Every situation for them is like a mind game they can’t afford to lose. They keep on working so hard, and, only stop until they get what they’ve been eyeing for. Imagine dating someone who just never happen to accept ‘no’ as an answer, particularly when they really like you.

  1. They want things to get done.


They won’t ask for an off only to have twice as much work when they come back. If they did, they’ll probably spend the whole day thinking about the work they’re not doing. Just as simple as that.

Dating a workaholic seems like complicated than it really is. You must understand his or her situation and what are you willing to accept. And, just like what they always do, they’ll find ways to manage everything. Always.

No Comments Published: August 28th, 2016

Breaking up is one of the very difficult situation you can find yourself into. But, just because you’re vulnerable and fragile doesn’t mean you are allowed to do things without hardly thinking about it. What you’re feeling right now might be too painful than you ever possibly imagine it could be. When you feel like you needed to win him back, remember why it didn’t work out. These are things you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Call him every time you think of him.


You can’t get him off of your mind. It’s acceptable. You’re probably figuring out how someone who had told you that he’ll never get tired of loving you, left you, just like that. But don’t call him just because you think of him. Don’t ever call him just because you missed every moment when you were together. Just don’t. Things had changed.

2. Share all your emotions on social media just because.


Stop sharing another heart-wrenching post of Berlin ArtParasites even it speaks well of your tormented heart. You might just want to release all the pain you have inside, but posting it all on social media is never clever. It makes you look like you haven’t moved on yet. Remember you are stronger than you think you are.

3. Stalk him in social media.


Stalking him in social media is far worse than sharing all your emotions on Twitter. You might be wondering what he’s up to, but stalking him will never do you any good. It might also bring memories you’ve tried hard to forget. Focus on improving yourself and getting better instead.

4. Try to be friends right away.


If you are looking for ways to connect with him, again, just stop, particularly if you are not that over with him. You don’t want to put yourself into a situation that will only hurt you, again. Are you sure you are ready to see him being sweet with another girl? Be true to yourself.

5. Jump into another relationship.


Give yourself time to heal from pain. Jumping into another relationship to get past with your painful breakup will never be a good idea. You might feel the love and excitement but it might soon fail, too. Also, you are not getting into a relationship just to fill the void, because whatever you do, you’ll never fill that void.

It might seem impossible to ever love again after the pain you’ve been through. But never be afraid to take chances again when you’re ready. Meet new people. Soon enough, you’ll find the one destined for you; and, it will all make sense why your previous relationship didn’t workout.

No Comments Published: August 24th, 2016