When it comes to dating, single parents are pretty much like everyone else except that they come with some extras – a kid or more, perhaps some emotional baggage from the past that they still lug around, and a sense of character that’s all their own.

If you’re having some second thoughts about going out with that interesting person you met online because he/she happens to be a single parent, read on. We’ve listed some of the advantages of exploring romance with a single mom or dad.

1. Most single parents are emotionally strong and mature

They’ve been there, done that. They know what it’s like to go through a very difficult time and come out of it unscathed, or perhaps sporting some battle scars that add to their spunk and charm.

2. They have become wiser

Meeting a person who had some hard life and love lessons learned can be a good teacher. And since they know better now, they are likely to do better too.

3. They already have some parenting experience

Let’s face it, two newbie parents are likely to make mistakes along the way. If one already has experience how to handle a kid (single parents actually play the role of a mom and dad), then the responsibility becomes less intimidating.

4. They want to make things work this time around

They don’t want another failed relationship. So expect most of them to take care of a relationship with a deep sense of commitment and loyalty.Though some may still be reluctant to seek serious relationships and prefer casual dating at first, most single parents eventually want a long-term partnership. If that’s you also want, then it’s a good match to start with.

5. You can have an instant family and learn to love unselfishly

Dating a single parent can teach you how to give love that knows how to accept and appreciate your partner for who he/she is, overcome challenges, expand your heart for more people (the kid/kids!), and grow deeper in your relationship.

The package and strings that come with single parents can cause some people to feel hesitant and overwhelmed with the idea of dating one. Zorpia suggests you don’t limit your choices and don’t let prejudice or wrong notions keep you from finding your match – whether he or she be single, with kids, or divorced. Keep your heart open!

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So there’s this attractive profile you saw on Zorpia and you want to connect and score a date, but browsing through the photos you see a selfie of him with a python around his neck, or her room with a dozen cats plus a huge Great Dane lying around. And since you’re not really the pet-loving kind of person and the only affinity, if at all, you have with an animal is staring at the quiet ornamental fish in your sister’s fishbowl, you feel hesitant to make the move.

But before you decide to close that profile and move on, we suggest you reconsider. Why? Because there’s something sweet and cool about pet lovers and dating one could actually be a good idea!

Consider these:

1. Pet lovers are naturally caring


If they have the ability to care for an animal, imagine their ability to take care of the person they love and have an intimate human relationship with! Perhaps not all, but most of them know how real caring should be done.

2. They know how to be responsible


Feeding time, vet appointments, pet lovers know how to provide for the needs of their pets. Some even go as far as pampering their ‘babies’ with luxurious comforts and of course, their precious time. So, imagine you and your future children experiencing these and far more!

3. They are patient and forgiving


Think about the times their pets probably did something bad or naughty like pooping in front of a visitor, messily eating their food, or chewing and tearing an important document. Yet their master forgives them again and again, and patiently deals with their tantrums. Pet lovers have developed these virtues, thanks to their pets who are just like us (in some ways) flawed mortals.

4. They know how to have fun

Pet lovers enjoy hanging out and playing with their pets. They know how to loosen up and just enjoy life in simple but meaningful ways. They know what fun bonding is about. Now translate that to the kind of relationship you want to have and you can picture lots of beautiful moments shared with your pet-loving partner.

5. They love to cuddle!


Who doesn’t want a partner whose sweet nothings include warm, soft cuddles? Pet lovers love to gently touch, stroke, and snuggle their pets. Think about how warmer and sweeter it would be like for them to do that and more to their partners.

There are a lot of awesome reasons why you should date a pet lover. And unless the person you’re dating treats his or her pet better than you, or treats you in the same breadth and depth as he does with his/her pet (limited conversations, master-subject relationship, etc.), you are in for a relationship filled with genuine care and affection. Who knows, you might even learn to love his/her pets too!

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