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While good fences make good neighbors, the US and Canada may have more than enough exchanges to contribute to each other’s development. Canadians are nice. But is it enough to explain America’s fondness for its neighbor to the north?

Mining through patterns of interactions among 31 million members, Zorpia, discovered that Canada receives the most number of cross country messages from the United States.

A long standing pattern

Zorpia - USA Loves Canada

Figure 1. USA cross country traffic to Canada

The US loves to connect with English speaking countries like Canada who receives 20% of all US cross country messages. Australia and the United Kingdom come at 2nd and 3rd place respectively . While Canada, Australia and the US share a common heritage, being former colonies of England, Gallup reported in 2012 that 96% of Americans held a favorable view of Canada, the highest for any country in more than 20 years.

Fast forward into the era of social networking, the US and Canada continue this amiable relationship of sharing and interconnecting by being 2 of the world’s most connected countries. If the US sends a majority of its cross country messages to Canada, Canada reciprocates this attention with equal enthusiasm. Zorpia stats reveal that the majority of Canada’s cross country messages in Zorpia is also directed towards the US.

Zorpia - Canada Loves USA

Figure 2. Canada reciprocates the US cross country attention

Shared ties: Language, Entertainment and Trade

The absence of the language barrier has made it easy for artists like Justin Bieber to enjoy commercial success in the US. Paul Anka, Celine Dion and David Foster to mention a few, are just one of the many successful Canadians acts who have crossed over to the US. Successful movie actors include Pamela Anderson Lee, Baywatch babe, Hayden Christensen, of the popular Star Wars series and Leslie Nielsen, popular comedian have also invaded Hollywood and delivered their brand of Canadian quirkiness that Americans eventually came to love.

Both countries also share a passion for hockey, a very physical sport played on ice. Whereas hockey ranked 6th as America’s favorite sport, it is considered Canada’s national obsession. Their recent encounter during the winter Olympics had famous personalities expressing support for their respective camp.

In 2013 alone, Canada was the US largest export market as well as the US’s 2nd largest supplier of goods imports.


While relationships between neighbors can be touchy, there is nothing touchy about Canada’s relationship with the US. Common interests and shared ties ensure good times and opportunities that both countries can look forward to and build upon.

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Zorpia People Meeting Network

Information and connectivity are key qualities of social media that bring about a global collaborative environment. It bridges gaps and creates ties. Studying the trends of social media interactions on a global scale, Zorpia measured its cross country communication patterns and discovered that among its Arab member nations, Saudi Arabia, sends the highest number of cross country messages.

Cross country messages are messages that one country sends to another foreign country.

Zorpia People Meeting Network

Figure 1. Breakdown of cross country messages Saudi Arabia sends out.

India and the Philippines, Saudi’s favorite chat mates.

Out of the total volume of cross country messages Saudi sends outside of its borders, 39% of it is directed to India, while 29% to the Philippines. The US, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, UK, UAE and Ghana make up the remaining 32 percent.

Why India and the Philippines?

Filipinos and Indians comprise a good part of Saudi’s workforce. They maintain family, social ties and even professional connections. Like all expatriates, they socialize and take advantage of the availability of the Internet after work and while away their time on social networks sending messages to their friends and loved ones.

Zorpia People Meeting Network

Outside India, more than 2.5 million Indians work in Saudi comprising a large part of the Kingdom’s expatriate force. Filipinos make up the fourth largest group of foreigners in Saudi Arabia. They work as medical professionals, engineers, automotive and construction workers. They can also be found in industries like petroleum, telecommunication and transportation.

Connection as the link?

While the expatriate community may explain the amount of messages Saudi sends outside of its borders, this cannot discount the possibility of Saudi arabians also taking advantage of the benefits Zorpia offers as the state regulates many chat and messaging features. This leaves social networks like Zorpia a viable option for socializing and networking with the outside world.

Saudi is a country of strict social segregation between the sexes. Social media has relaxed this restriction allowing men and women to communicate in an acceptable way influencing the nature of social relations. There are already documented cases of matchmaking, as well as coordinated activities between the sexes, with the help of social media. This is something that may not be possible before the days of social networking.


The ease and convenience of smartphones coupled with local culture and a climate that discourages hanging out at public spaces, has encouraged social networking as an alternative social life. For many expatriates, as well as Saudi citizens, the virtual world is as good a place as any to keep up with friends and family, connect with new people or simply fall in love.

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