Though dating someone way younger than you makes you run the risk of being labeled a ‘cougar’ or a ‘sugar daddy’, many May-December couples prove that you don’t really have to mind the age gap if your hearts are in sync. The tags people attach to the older party may sound ugly but if it’s a good match, then why should you care?

There are actually many pluses that come with dating someone that’s less your age. Here are some worth noting.

1. His/her energy could rub off on you


When you’re over your prime and your partner is at the peak of his/hers, the transfer of energy is inevitable. Except if he or she has a slow-paced lifestyle, expect your partner to come up  with youthful spur-of-the-moment activities and to still have the energy to snuggle and smooch you even after a long day’s work. Being with someone young can make you feel young as well!

2. You can easily learnabout what’s new and hip these days


If you’re a generation apart, your young partner could very well let you in on what’s in vogue and what the current generation is up to – from music, to fashion, food, technology, and all other fads around so you won’t feel trapped in the 80’s (or older) culture. Except of course if your partner is an old soul.

3. You can have a balanced relationship in terms of perspective and lifestyle


Your wisdom and experience in business can temper his reckless, high-risk ventures. Similarly, his young, wide-eyed spirit can add excitement and inspiration to your conventional, time-tested, predictable way of life. Your differences can help enrich each other’s lives if handled well. Ain’t that sweet!

4. Your younger partner adores you


Since you’re older, your partner tends to look up to you, respect your views, trust you, and treat you in a special way. Not like a mom or dad, but as someone who deserves nothing less than a sweet, loving devotion.

5. He/she has less baggage


And since your partner’s life experience is not as extensive as older ones, he/she has less baggage and is less jaded with life. He/she builds dreams, looks forward to exciting opportunities, and sees the world with a hopeful anticipation of the future.

A huge age gap can cause some to step back and consider someone else their age as a better choice. But how will you know if that younger guy/girl you’re attracted to could turn out to be the right partner for you unless you try?

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No Comments Published: July 2nd, 2016

Apparently, the laws of attraction does not include ‘Thou shalt not date someone older’ as many couples have been happy together not minding their age difference. Though a huge age gap may draw some flak from a conservative society, Zorpia believes that, in the context of who to date, age matters sometimes but the heart should matter more, all the time.

So don’t let the numbers keep you from discovering a potential awesome partner who just happened to be born ahead of you. If you’re dating or about to date someone you think is a bit too old for you, we’ve made a list of why it could actually work so read on.

1. Age has little to do with birth year, but a lot to do with spirit and energy


A 40-year-old man who is passionate about life is, in essence, younger in spirit and more fun to be with than a sluggish, direction-less twentysomething guy. Same goes for women. So if you’re 25 who wants someone who’ll inspire you to do better in love and in life, look beyond your age bracket.

2. The age difference can make you complement each other


She likes classical music and you like art punk. She reads Maya Angelou and you read memes. Your differences in tastes and interests can actually be a good opportunity for both of you to educate each other and thereby broaden each other’s worlds. Age shouldn’t box anyone up!

3. Some people become a better version of themselves as they age


Think about this, had you met him or her years before, you wouldn’t have hit it off that time. Some women radiate the peak of their beauty as they approach their middle age (40, as they say, is the new 20!) when they are more confident and self-assured. Men, on the other hand, become more attractive when they have become secure and no longer sporting bloated egos out of immaturity.

4. They are more experienced and you can learn from them


They have more experience when it comes to failings and success in many areas – dating, career, finances, social life etc. You can learn more from someone older and wiser than someone your age who is just starting to discover the world like you.

Dating someone older may have its challenges but the advantages definitely make it worth-trying. You may be a bit hesitant (or intimidated) if it’s your first time to date someone older, but a good match is made possible by many factors (chemistry, personality, timing, etc.) and more often than not, age has little to do with it.

Comments? Share it with us! We’d be happy to hear from you. While you’re at it, have fun!

No Comments Published: June 29th, 2016