Online dating opens up a world of possibilities because it lets you connect with countless people from anywhere around the world. An attractive photo with an interesting profile can instantly get your attention and cause you to hit that ‘like’ button.

And so the conversation begins, basic information shared or perhaps filtered to some degree, with both parties hoping to find a good fit with each other. But somehow, somewhere along the way he unfortunately makes a slip, fumbles with his words, or bores you with his stories. Turned off, you think it’s not worth continuing anymore and so you simply quit responding to his messages and calls. And while some tell-tale signs are good enough reasons for you to know things aren’t going to work, there are things that are worth giving a few more chances. Perhaps that person was just too overwhelmed or excited that he did not exactly impress you with his not-so-smooth moves – a flat disappointment. Give him a bit more chance to show you the real him you could actually like, despite the awkward faux pas he unwittingly put across the first time you two chatted (some guys are slow, slow-paced and are not exactly socially skilled!).

He could turn out to be funny though he sounded boring at first. Or he could actually be smart even when he did not seem like one with his overly misspelled or mispronounced words during your talks. A seeming incompatibility at first might actually be just a match waiting to happen. So just let things flow. He could just be trying to find his footing first, getting the hang of things especially if he’s a newbie in the world of online dating. The same can be applied to offline dating. There are things that take some time to bloom. But when they do, you’ll be in for sweet surprises!

People say that you get to know the right one for you if you feel some kind of spark at first encounter. But sometimes, the flicker is faint at first you barely notice it, or there’s no sign of it at all. But just let things be and who knows, some gentle warmth might develop in time, leading you to the kind of relationship you always wanted to have. And then you’ll look back and say, “Who would have thought?” A question that’s a lot better than the sorry “What if?”

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No Comments Published: May 1st, 2016

Indians are some of the most interesting people to date on earth. Many of them are highly educated professionals with graduate degrees tucked under their belt. Add to that their gorgeous looks (their dark soulful eyes always seem to express a hundred deep emotions) and warm and friendly nature and you got yourself a dream date! Yes, a lot of Indian men and women score high in the desirability scale and the rest of the world has already taken notice.

Of course, there’s still that chance you’ll come across some douchebag who happens to be Indian, but a good initial assessment should save you from one. And when you found the quality kind, impressing him or her is the first step in taking things to the next level. To be able to do that, these might just help:

1. Indians love their Bollywood, so it would help if you know an Indian actor or have a favorite Indian movie. Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor are some of their A-listers you can mention as your favorites without your taste being questioned.

2. India is big on tradition and religious beliefs. Do your homework and find out what their customs are as well as their social taboos. The basics: not all of them speak Hindi as there are hundreds of languages spoken there, most of their food are eaten sans utensils, their dominant religion – Hinduism honors animals (even insects!) so don’t simply swat a fly as your date might find that disturbing.

3. Many Hindus are vegans, but lamb and chicken are the common choices for non-vegans. They also love herbs and spices. Consider these when you’re out on dinner dates.

4. While some Indians are liberal when it comes to relationships, some men especially those who come from conservative families still wish to marry a virgin. So… not jumping on the bed on your first few dates would be safe, the wait-and-see approach is suggested.

Oh Indians, those dusky beings who carry an air of mystery everywhere they go can make for good date partners. So go ahead and win one over!

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No Comments Published: April 26th, 2016